Crossing the Line – Aachen 1944

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The Game

Crossing the Line – Aachen 1944 is an operational level simulation of the Battle for Aachen, which took place from September 12th to October 21st, 1944. The game is intended for two players but is suitable for solitaire and team play. The game is played in a semi-interactive way, as only one division of the active player.


The Background

Lieutenant General Hodges is the leading member of the First Army.
If successful, he might have the opportunity to drive through the fortified line, crossing the Roer River and possibly reaching the Rhine River.


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Components of the game:

  • One rulebook
  • One map sheet
  • > 300 extra large counters of which 160 are combat units
  • Four player aid charts
  • Full color setup charts
  • Full color reinforcements & withdrawals charts
  • Two ten-sided dice

Zusätzliche Information

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