1. We have renamed our brand.

Why? When we created our brand name at the beginning of 2019, we referred to a quotation from the Roman poet Tacitus. He described the Germanic attack on the legions of Varus as Furor Teutonicus.

Shortly after the release of our first game “Crossing the Line”, criticism was voiced that the name would allegedly flirt with the right-wing populist and right-wing extremist scene. We once again firmly reject this accusation!

When we developed our brand name in the first place, we were not aware that some right-wing populist and extreme right-wing groups also use this term. Although the name is often used in different ways by other groups that have obviously nothing to do with right-wing thinking, we nevertheless took the arguments and fears that were put forward very seriously.

In some unprejudiced discussions we have been given good arguments why the name “Furor Teutonicus Games” may be a critical name for a publisher of historical conflict simulations. For the straightforward honesty, the suggestions and the encouragement we would like to thank you again.

Especially the association board of GHS e.V., whose primary ideals of international understanding and peace education we fully support, convinced us in a long discussions that this background in mind the naming “Furor Teutonicus Games” can’t be kept for the future within the Cosim scene.

We gladly agreed with these factual arguments.

Therefore we have decided to rename our brand to VUCA Simulations.

VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity and was coined in the USA in the 1990s. The term stands for a complex, decentralized world that requires multidimensional strategies. Although VUCA originates from modern times, excerpts from it can also be found in historical battles as an essential strategic requirement.

This sophisticated strategy theory was thus the inspiration for our new brand name.

From now on, you will find information and support for our games on our new website. Here, you can also order all our games: